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Spring Fingerprint Counting


What you'll need:

Paints (water soluble, kid-friendly)
Activity Worksheet Download

Getting Started:

Print these fun, spring themed fingerprint counting worksheets for an easy Montessori-inspired counting activity that you can do at home!

Fingerprint counting engages multiple senses, introduces math concepts in a fun and memorable way, and is a hands-on learning activity that can be enjoyed by a wide range of preschool students.

To get started:

  • Prepare your child's workspace by protecting any surfaces that are likely to be exposed to paint.
  • Prepare your child with an apron or smock to protect clothing.
  • Introduce one set of counting activities at a time.
  • Guide and be a part of the activity – counting or even painting with your child.

Sometimes a little messy learning can be the most fun.


What it teaches:

Number Recognition
Early Math Concepts
Hand Eye Coordination
Spatial Recognition
Focus & Concentration

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