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Window Washing Activity


What you'll need:windowbasket

Spray bottle
Water and white vinegar
Washcloths or rags
Small squeegee (optional)
Activity tray or basket

Getting Started:windowwash

At CMS our classrooms incorporate numerous practical life activities around cleaning. Children love to help out in the classroom!

Bring this helpful skill to your home by setting up a window washing activity for your child. This is a wonderful exercise that is achievable for children as young as two, and that fosters independence and a sense of contribution to the household or family.

Simply mix up a homemade window washing solution using a 2-to-1 solution of water and white vinegar in the spray bottle (adding essential oils for scent if desired).

Set up your basket with the spray bottle, a wash cloth, and a small squeegee.

Either present the basket to your child's environment and wait for them to take interest, or guide them toward the activity.

First show your child how to wet the windows with the spray bottle, and then how to wipe them clean with the wash cloth or squeegee.

Most children enjoy water play and will clean as many of the windows as they can reach. Praise their efforts, knowing they are building important skills, and a little extra water is an easy clean up.

Have Fun!!


What it teaches:

Practical Life
Self Confidence
Motor Skills


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