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Lunch Program

Cambridge Montessori School’s Lunch Program allows parents flexibility with the following three options:
  • Catered Lunch (Monthly Basis) -

    CMS offers catered lunches Monday through Friday for parents who would like a hot vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal for their child. Permanent Lunch is only available for Extended Day or All Day students. Parents may sign up for any or all lunches on The Simply Fresh Kitchen website by clicking on their link below. Each meal costs $4.75 with option of milk or water. 

  • Lunch from Home -
    Children are welcome to bring their lunch from home in a lunch box or a paper bag. Please use cool packs in the lunch boxes to keep food cool. Microwaves are available for heating lunches.
  • Combination -
    Parents have the option of using our catering service occasionally as well as sending lunches from home on the other days. Parents will still have to fill out the monthly sign up sheet.