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Parent Education

Cambridge Montessori School embraces and encourages parent involvement and parent education. We believe a strong relationship between home and school is essential to creating a solid foundation for your child’s growth. At CMS, it is our goal to build a sense of community so that parents, teachers and administrators may work together in the education of our children. Specifically, our objective is to:
  • Support parent volunteer opportunities and school activities
  • Promote parent education
  • Create and enhance a harmonious community ethic
  • Promote a safe environment for our children’s learning

Cambridge Montessori School believes it is important that we all work together to assure maximum growth for our students — academically, intellectually, emotionally and physically. Our school hosts several events throughout the year designed to educate our parents on Montessori philosophy and their child’s learning and progress in a Montessori environment. These events include Parent/Teacher Conference days, Parent/Child Nights, and Open House.

CMS also offers informal Montessori education through our Parent Newsletter, educational magazines and our participation with Montessori Initiative, an American Montessori Society program that works to enhance the understanding of Montessori education within the parent community. We feel it is important that parents of a Montessori student have an opportunity to be involved in the Montessori program.

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