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Pom-Pom Shaker


What you'll need:

Empty Parmesan Cheese Shaker (we used Kraft)
A bag of small pom-pomspompomshaker

Getting Started:

Infants and toddlers will enjoy exploring spatial relations as they squeeze pom-poms into the holes provided by a repurposed parmesan cheese shaker.

  • Present your child with the shaker and a pile of small pom-poms (select pom-poms approximately the size of the hole openings so that they are a snug fit and may require the child to gently poke them through with a finger)
  • Ask your child to begin dropping the pom-poms in through the holes.
  • Once they have filled the container, open the other half of the lid which has a large opening so they can pour the pom-poms back out and start again.
  • Add on sorting or counting for children who are ready for these skills.

What it teaches:

Fine Motor Skills
Hand Eye Coordination
Color Recognition
Spatial Relationships
Problem Solving

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