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Left Foot, Right Foot


What you'll need:

2 Sheets of Different Color Paper
Pair of Child's Shoes 
Pen or Pencil

Getting Started:


Among the life skills our students are learning to master, is a firm grasp of "left" and "right." There are many tools and activities we use here in the classroom, but want to take a moment to share an easy activity you can do at home.

Most parents usually hear their little ones ask at one time or another, "is this on the right foot?" ....or have walked out the door only to find their child's shoes are on the wrong feet.

Below is an easy project to help your child learn their left from right, and promote independence.

  • Collect two pieces of different colored paper (preferably heavy weight).
  • With your child, place both shoes on one of the sheets of paper and trace each shoe.
  • If the outline of your child's shoe doesn't clearly depict the left and right, either draw an exaggerated arch or toe line so that the toe direction is clear, or have them stand on the paper and trace their feet.
  • Cut out the left and right foot, and label them. (ex. L & R, Left & Right, etc.)
  • Paste them to your other sheet of paper.
  • Laminate if available.

This easy-to-make mat now gives your child a fun and presonal point of reference to line up their feet and shoes when getting dressed for school.

Note: Most kids develop a firm grasp of "left" and "right" by age 7 or 8. Don't worry if it takes a while, or they get confused from time-to-time. There are deep connections being made that will support later math, reading, and life skills. 

What it teaches:

Visual-Spatial Processing

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