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Halloween Gross Motor Skills Game


What you'll need:

Halloween Gross Motor Skills Game Cards (download)
Paper & Printer

Getting Started:

Our preschool students love any opportunity to show off their silly-side, especially around Halloween. This easy and fun game builds gross motor skills while kids get into character and enjoy the silliness of Halloween.

Simply download and print the cards, cut them apart, shuffle, and have each child take a turn selecting a card. The whole family can get in on the fun acting out their own version of each character.

For added challenge, ask your preschooler to practice their scissor skills by cutting out the cards (if age appropriate).

You can also create a matching memory game by printing an extra set of cards. Simply print two sets of cards, cut them apart, shuffle, and put them face side down on the table or carpet. Take turns flipping over two cards at a time and trying to remember where the matching card is. The player at the end with the most pairs wins! 

What it teaches:

Gross Motor Skills
Creative Movement
Scissor Skills (optional)
Memorization (optional)

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