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Fall Sorting: Go Nuts!


What you'll need:

Fall Sorting: "Go Nuts!" Worksheet (download)
Bulk Nuts in the Shell (ex. Pecans, Walnuts, Almonds, etc.)
Bowl and/or tray
Paper & Printer

Getting Started:

This Fall themed DIY Montessori activity is one to keep in mind on your next visit to the grocery store. Bulk nuts, in the shell, are now in season and make for an excellent preschool sorting activity*.

  • Begin by printing the sorting cards, cut them down, and stack them in your tray.
  • Place the mixed nuts (still in the shell) in a bowl to be sorted.
  • Have your preschooler place the cards in front of them, reading each one.
  • Ask him/her to sort the nuts according to the pictures.
  • Talk about the shape, size, color, growth (tree vs. ground) of each nut, and possible familiar foods they are used to make.
  • If your child is learning to write, ask them to trace the words on the cards provided.
  • Additional options to extend this activity include:
    • Count and write the number of each variety of nut on the appropriate card.
    • Use, or assist you child in using, a nut cracker to open each variety and let you child explore the shell, meat, shape, smell, and/or taste of each nut*.

Note: Young children should be supervised with smaller nut varieties, and parents should take necessary precautions for children with nut allergies.

What it teaches:

Early Math Concepts
Early Reading & Writing Skills
Logical & Critical Thinking
Fine Motor Skills
Nature Concepts
Scissor Skills (optional)


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