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DIY Ball Drop Maze


What you'll need:

Empty wrapping paper, paper towel, or tissue tubes
A roll of painter's tape
Small ping pong, bouncy, or golf ball

Getting Started:balldrop1

This DIY activity is perfect for all of this empty wrapping paper tubes that you may find yourself with this January.

Using empty wrapping paper, paper towel, or tissue tubes build a ball maze on an open wall using painter's tape to gently mount the tubes to the wall. This makes a fun and easily movable (or removable) activity wall for your child(ren). Try different configurations, connecting tubes at an angle, or spacing tubes so the ball travel freely between them for a moment. You can use shoebox lids or other recyclible materials as backboards and catching agents. 

Younger toddlers will appreciate the activity of fitting the ball in the opening and watching it drop or travel the various paths, while older preschoolers may get into creating the maze and finding ways to feed the ball from one tube to the next.


What it teaches:

Fine & Gross Motor Skills
Concentration & Coordination
Early Math and Science Concepts
Cause & Effect


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Sunday, 21 July 2024