Spider Web Fine Motor Activity


What you'll need:

Basket with holes in the side (a large colander can also work)
Yarn, ribbon, or string
Plastic spider or fly rings
Toddler tweezers, small tongs, or a clothespin

Getting Started:spider basket

Perfect for the Halloween season, this challenging fine motor skills game will keep your child's interest as they hunt and retrieve insects from the spider's web.

To get started, place your plastic flies, spiders, or insects at the bottom of the basket. Next, weave your string back-and-forth through the holes in the side of your basket to create a web.

The more stands of the web you create, the harder the challenge—adjust accordingly to your child's age and skill level. Note: the insect you choose will also effect the difficulty, based on their likelihood to get caught in the web as they are retrieved.

Using a pair of tweezers, small tongs, or a clothespin, have your child navigate the openings in the web to rescue their insects.

Once they have them all, encourage them to count how many they found & play again.


What it teaches:

Fine Motor Skills
Counting Skills
Perseverance at a difficult task

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