Sort & Drop Shakers


What you'll need:

Toothpicks or Straws
Cheese Shaker, Food Container with thin plastic lid, or Campbell's Soup Microwavable Container

Optional: Hole Punch (based on container chosen), pom-poms, flower stickers


Getting Started:


Infants and toddlers learn about spatial relationships in a variety of ways— exploring objects with their hands and mouths, tracking objects and people visually, squeezing into tight spaces, fitting objects into openings, and looking at things from different perspectives. Children this age  also exhibit a high level of interest in solving problems.

Channel their natural curiosity with this multi-age activity.

Ages 15 mo. – 25+ mo. (based on your child's readiness)
Place the lid of a Campbell's soup microwavable container (comes with the correct sized holes) over the empty soup container or bowl.  (You can also use an alternative container with thin plastic lid, and punch the correct sized holes.) Cut straws into appropriate lengths, so that they do not get jammed when dropped into the container. Allow children to explore the straws, insert them into the holes, and push them down into the container.

Ages 2-3 years (based on your child's readiness)
Cut the sharp tips off of 20-30 toothpicks. Using a cheese shaker, have children insert toothpicks into the openings of the shaker. For an alternate activity, glue pom-poms or cutout flowers to the head of the toothpick and have children "plant flowers."

 IMPORTANT!  Please note, this activity may include choking hazard based on individual construction. It is intended to be done under the supervision of a caregiver. Do not leave children unattended with potential choking hazards.


What it teaches:

Fine Motor Skills
Hand Eye Coordination
Spatial Relationships
Problem Solving

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