Pumpkin Counting


What you'll need:

Pumpkin Counting Worksheet (download)
Pumpkin Seeds (optional)

Getting Started:pumpkincover

This fun fall worksheet is designed to help children with number recognition and spelling. To begin, download our pumpkin counting worksheet and cut out your pumpkins—separating the number from the written word and counting dots.

Shuffle the cards into two piles—one with the top halves, and one with the lower sections. Lay out the numbered pieces on your work surface, and select the first top half from the pile. Have your child read or count the dots to identify the number they need to match. Help them to find the corresponding number (bottom half) and fit the pieces together. Continue until you have matched all of the numbers with thier pumpkin.

To extend this exercise, have your child count out and place the correct number of pumpkin seeds on the pumpkin.

What it teaches:

Number Recognition & Spelling
Early Math Concepts
Fine Motor Skills


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