Ice Cream Counting


What you'll need:icecreammath lg

Pom-Poms ($2 @ local craft store)
Pair of kids tweezers or small tongs
Piece of colored or kraft paper
Pen or Printer
Printable Cones Download

Getting Started:

This fun summer math activity is great for number recognition, early math skills, and can be made more challenging by incorporating color matching or pattern making into the activity. Simply cut out and number, or print (printable cones download) and cut, cones on your choice of paper, find a pair of tongs or tweezers, and gather pom-poms for sorting.

Children will enjoy creating these colorful cones. Consider the following possible activities by age and ability:
1. Arrange numbers in order and stack cones
2. Randomly select numbers for children to complete
3. Have your child select the highest and lowest number from the bowl and make the tallest and shortest ice cream cone.
4. Have children identify odd or even numbers to complete the activity

There are multiple ways to make this activity fun and relevant for children. They may even come up with a version of their own... Happy counting!

What it teaches:

Fine Motor Skills
Number Recognition
Number Sequencing

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