Spooning: Feed the Animals


What you'll need:

Animal Feeding Worksheet (download)
Cereal, beans, or dry good for spooning
A set of small buckets or bowls
Pair of scissors

Getting Started:tiger

Prepare a bowl of dry goods such as beans, or cereal if you think your little one may try and eat what they are feeding their animals. Cut out and set up each animal with a feeding bowl so that your child can scoop food through their mouth and into the bowl.

You can vary the level of difficulty for your child by having them sort or count the food each animal receives.

Take this opportunity to work on language and observation skills by talking about each animal, how full or empty containers are—or even the importance of taking care of your own pet.


Why It's Important:

Spooning from one container to another may seem a simple task, but for younger students this common practical life activity is developing fine motor skills essential for learning to write. Likewise, spooning and sorting activities help children to develop a sense of order, concentration, coordination, and independence.

The act of feeding is also something that toddlers are naturally curious about. This exercise channels that curiosity while strengthening utensil skills and reinforcing Montessori lessons of caring for themselves, others, and their environment.

What it teaches:

Fine Motor Skills
Skill of Spooning
Coordination of Movement
Concentration, focus & self-regulation
Pre-reading & pre-writing skills
Care of self and others

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