Explorer's Basket

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What you'll need:

Basket or Container
Various, child friendly, items from around the house
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Getting Started:

When it comes to our youngest students (ages 12-25 months), exploration is really what the world and learning is all about. Babies are constantly trying to make sense of what they see, touch, taste, grab, hear, hold, and squeeze.They are fascinated by the way things work, cause and effect, opening and closing, and how things fit together.

The trouble can be that they often want to explore where you may not want them.

Taking a tip from the Montessori-prepared classroom, we encourage you to create an Exploration Basket, filled with child-friendly items for your littlest one to explore. Include a variety of items that open and close, stack, or can be manipulated in different ways. If appropriate, include something inside an item for them to discover and practice taking in and out.

Some ideas include: Empty baby snack container, infant bulb syringe, small tongs, travel wipe container, large plastic Easter egg, Tupperware, empty spice/scented container.

Once you start the task of gathering items, and watching how your child interacts with them, you will be amazed at the everyday items you will see differently. Keep an eye out for new items and refresh your basket regularly.

Happy hunting!


What it teaches:

Cognitive development
Hand-Eye Coordination
Focus & Concentration
Fine Motor Skills
Cause & Effect

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