Egg Transfer Tray


What you'll need:eggtray1

Empty Plastic Easter Eggs
Deviled Egg Platter
Soup Spoon


Getting Started:

Today's activity is a great way to upcycle left over plastic Easter eggs. Simply gather empty eggs in a small basket or bowl, and get out a deviled egg platter (inexpensive plastic versions can be found at most grocery and party stores). Next demonstrate for your child how to transfer the eggs using a large soup spoon from the basket to the egg slots. Once they have completed all of the eggs, have them transfer the eggs back to the basket.

eggtray3Younger toddlers will also enjoy this activity. If transferring to the smaller egg slots with a spoon is too challenging, have them transferring the eggs to the platter by hand and only use the spoon to transfer the eggs back to the basket—providing a larger "drop" area. You may find that they will steady the egg with their opposite hand until they are comfortable... but our students always enjoy the challenge.


What it teaches:

Fine Motor Skills
Visual Perceptual Skills
Eye-Hand coordination
Cognitive Skills


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