Color Wheel Sorting


What you'll need:

Colored Sheets of Felt, OR Color Wheel Worksheet (download here)
Assorted Colored Materials (ex. blocks, food caps, pom-poms, etc.)
A Container or Tray (Tupperware, plastic bowl, or basket)

Getting Started:

Brighten your toddler's day by introducing them to one of the things they are most attracted to... colors. Learning colors is an abstract concept, and most children won't recognize a wide variety of hues until closer to pre-school; however, it is never too early to start teaching your young toddler about colors.

For this activity you will want to make a color wheel or pie using either the printed download available, or pieces of felt. You can either keep these pieces loose, or mount them to a hard backing depending on your child and storage available. Next, in a small bin, gather colored items from around your home to match the colored triangles.

Once you have laid out your color wheel, present your child with the container of assorted materials and encourage him/her to pick up each item one at a time and examine it together. Practice saying the color name, and matching the color to the triangle on the color wheel. (This is an excellent opportunity to introduce shapes as well, if you have these materials available.)

Small children can use their fingers to practice their pincer grasp, while old children may benefit from the additional challenge of using tongs or a scoop.

cws tray

What it teaches:

Color Identification
Fine Motor Skills
Hand Eye Coordination
Focus & Concentration

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