Color & Shape Button Sorting

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sortingWhat you'll need:

1 bag of color, shape buttons (Hobby Lobby)
Sorting worksheet (download printable worksheet)
1-3 pieces of paper

Getting Started:

This adaptable activity helps reinforce colors and shapes while children practice sorting, matching, pattern making, and counting skills. Here are just two of the activities you can work through:

Activity One:

  • Lay out your worksheet and ask your child to match the buttons with the printed shapes
  • Encourage them to make rows of one color, rainbow, or alternating patterns
  • Ask you child to identify each shape and/or color

Activity Two:

  • Lay out paper and ask your child to sort the buttons into shape or color pilescounting
  • Ask them to count how many buttons are in each pile and write the numbers next to the pile
  • Have your child identify the highest, lowest, even or odd numbers


What it teaches:

Fine motor skills
Color identification
Shape identification
Sorting skills
Pattern making
Number identification

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