Button Counting: Fruit with Seeds


What you'll need:

Buttons or seeds
Seasonal Fruit Counting Worksheet: Apples & Watermelons

Getting Started:watermeloncounting

This preschool focused activity introduces math and counting in a fun and interesting way for our students. Using our seasonal fruit worksheets (downloads above), give you child a container of buttons or seeds and ask them to place the correct number of buttons/seeds on each piece of fruit.

If you have seasonal fruit on hand it is a good opportunity to discuss seeds, how things grow, and where food comes from. Ask your child to count the number of seeds in an apple, or harvest the seeds to use in the counting activity.

For preschoolers working on their scissor skills, allow them the opportunity to cut out the fruit for their activity.

Why It's Important:

  • The introduction of basic number recognition, counting, and math concepts in preschool sets a foundation for learning more advanced math concepts later.
  • Early exposure to math and number activities increases students' comfort and confidence with these skills.
  • Introducing math through natural items such as fruit allows children to relate to numbers through items they are developmentally familiar with.


What it teaches:

Number Identification (recognizing 0-9 and numeral names)
Counting & math concepts
Sorting and classifying
Pattern recognition and creation
Critical Thinking
Fine Motor: Pincer grasp
Scissor skills (optional)


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